ŠKODA Superb should be the ‘Go to’ option for fleet says Business Car

Business Car magazine decided to take a ŠKODA Superb estate GreenLine II for a long-term test drive. Now that they have completed over 9000 miles of testing, what was the verdict?

Tristan Young, a journalist for the Business Car website summarised their findings with this statement: “At £24,000, I don’t know why it isn’t the default option for more fleets and drivers… you won’t find better for less,”

He then went on to say: “We set out to see if one of the more capacious estate cars on the market could also be one of the most fuel-efficient, and the Superb estate didn’t disappoint,” added Tristan. “We saw a high of 68mpg for one tank of fuel, which is well above the official combined figure of 64.2mpg, and the average for our 9000-plus miles was 59mpg. The overall figure may be a touch shy of the official (and from a personal point of view I’m annoyed with myself for not cracking 60mpg) but it is still seriously impressive.”

The report adds that you need to drive “like a saint” to get such remarkable fuel economy, but acknowledges how even on a seriously testing run across Scotland, with the car loaded to the gunnels, the driver couldn’t get fuel consumption below 51mpg.

“Best of all, though, was the fact you can have this ultra-efficiency without any sacrifices. We’ve already said how big the car is, but in Elegance trim the Superb is a luxurious place to spend your miles,” concludes the report.

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